a design that proves steel STRUCTURES IN HIGH-IMPACT PRODUCTS

The Be.e is arguably the greenest scooter ever; this e-scooter is made from plants. The be.e is a frameless bio-composite electric scooter, with a monocoque body made from flax and bio-resin.

The lack of an internal frame asks for a very different construction. The main shape of the Be.e forms a monocoque: a singular shape, which is both outer skin and supporting structure. Not different from an eggshell: the smooth outside surface is what gives the scooter its' strength.

Aside from a more sustainable main material, it has more advantages compared to the your more everyday scooters. The frame of a normal scooter the frame is built with more than a hundred parts all produced in a highly energy-consuming manner, onto which about 14 plastic panels are placed. 

The Be.e scooter has far less parts, simpler assembly, and is built from natural fibers. 

We were responsible for overall design, and designed and engineered the main body, which has proven to be strong enough to withstand everyday inner-city use, from initial sketches to the CAD documents, which were used for the molds.

 The bio-composite material, and production, however does influence the shape if it has to also be a supporting outside skin, it needs to be rounded. Eggshells with corners are usually rather unsuccessful.

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