Goedzak in the city: 
a simple and accessible enabler for sustainable and pro-social acts.

From a municipalities point of view, Goedzak is a carrier of a sustainable message. But perhaps even more importantly; It offers a very visual stage to social deeds. Imagine seeing the street lightened up by bright yellow bags, and your neighbours taking the time and making the effort to fill up a bag and offer their surplus stuff to the neighbourhood, and to you.

So far, we’ve set up pilot-projects together with the city of Eindhoven, and a larger scale project with the city of Amsterdam.

So how is Goedzak actually set-up in this context? 
Collaborating parties ideally are; the municipality and a local second hand store, or a local  non-profit initiative who benefits from the left-over products.

Goedzakken (the bags) are distributed in a specific area. With the bag people also receive information and an explanation on how to use Goedzak. People can then fill up the bag and place it outside on the pavement, no different from taking out the trash. The bright yellow colour will attract attention, while the transparent side of the bag will reveal the content without the need for rummaging through the bag. Passers-by can then take from the bag anything to their liking. 

The remainder of the goods are at the end of the day collected by the second hand store (or service from the city) to be either sold or recycled. Goedzak creates a new waste-stream that precedes recycling and eventually discarding, keeping the integrity of the products in tact an maximising the lifecycle.

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Our partners for Goedzak in the city: