Goedzak is a simple and accessible enabler for sustainable and pro-social acts.

Everyone has things, products, that are no longer of value to him or her. The reasons why these unfortunate products have fallen out of favor can vary, but what these products have in common is that they can still be of value to others. Only some of us take the time, or have the means, to take these products to second-hand shops. Most of these unlucky products end up in the regular garbage. rom a sustainability point of view, these unwanted goods should be re-used as much as possible. From a social point of view, these items offer an enormous potential for positive social behaviour; sharing. 



Goedzak is a special garbage bag that can be filled with items that you no longer use, but that might still be of value to others. Placing a Goedzak outside on the pavement, no different from taking out the trash, makes the items available to anyone in your community. Goedzak’s bright yellow colour attracts attention, while the transparent side of the bag reveals its’ contents without the need for opening it up. Passers-by can take from the bag anything to their liking.

The remainder of the bag is then collected by a second hand store to be either sold or recycled. Goedzak creates a new ‘waste-stream’ that precedes recycling and eventually discarding, keeping the integrity of the products in tact by maximising the lifecycle(s).

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