we applied Circular strategies to packageless shopping

A study into enabling zero waste shopping

Packaging waste is a huge problem, this is nothing new.

Most things we buy on a daily basis come wrapped or packed. As a result, we become the reluctant owners of packaging waste. Alternatives to buying pre-packaged goods are few, and usually far less convenient than a quick visit to your average supermarket after work. 

New initiatives are emerging; the first package-less supermarket has opened in Utrecht. A far more sustainable way of doing your groceries, something we can all agree on is a very positive shift.

However, conveniently and safely transporting these unpackaged groceries back home now becomes solely the responsibility of the consumer.

In collaboration with the sustainable Parisian fashion brand L'Herbe Rouge we set out to research and do a study into enabling the shift towards zero waste shopping, from a consumers perspective. The aim was to create a (set of) product(s) to allow consumers to buy in bulk, without  losing convenience or flexibility. 

BULK is a set of containers, flat-pack and foldable into a tiny package to take with you anywhere. Made from bioplastics, and incorporating  3D printed elements and bamboo. 

BULK is a catalyst for waste free shopping, from a user and human centered perspective. 

The results, still in prototype-phase, were presented at the Strawberry Earth Fair, and were received with enthusiasm and much interest from media and industry. This project is in development.